Freeze Flame Productions Inc…. is a company, and a corporate entity, built from nothing but an idea & motivation.

Freeze Flame Inc has grown over the years into a Multi-dimensional company BRANDED by Third World Council (Our Media & Entertainment Production arm).

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Freeze Flame Inc is also venturing out and making an attempt to help the Community in a way.  Providing a Mentoring/Intern program to youth “At-risk” or already in the system, mainly young offenders at this point. These services are provided by our soon-to-be  Not-for-Profit organization Third World Council – Native America.  

Our First client who we have been now working with throughout his entire court process, has made significant strides to change his lifestyle and achieve success in the Entertainment Industry.

Our initiative in this sense is:

– Music as a Deterrent – (A deterrent to crime, the criminal lifestyle & Negative elements that draw youth in)

Freeze Flame Productions Inc. with its Affiliates & Partners operate a team of specialists within the entertainment industry.

Freeze Flame Productions Inc. also operates as an Umbrella corporation housing many different services including:



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